Art Portfolio Information Specialists


Your collection is unique, precious, and personal. More meaningful than a set of commodities, the art portfolio requires cultivation to reach full potential as a cultural and monetary asset.


An art object is more than the sum of its parts. It is a creative expression; a paragon of thought, emotion, or endeavor. It holds more than monetary worth.

The art collector holds these objects in trust. Moreover, collectors are crucial sentinels of art whose instincts and affinities create unique ensembles that promote new interpretations and ways of seeing.

Collections deserve recognition yet require security. Furthermore, they require special development and documentation in order to acquire and maintain fullest worth.

Let us help you maintain this delicate balance. Art Counsel LLC can help you reach your goals as a connoisseur and investor through our unique art investment information services and strategists.

You may customize our basic services according to your requirements, or you may join us at different levels of membership - each with exclusive and extraordinary benefits.

Please contact us in order to set up an initial meeting so we might plan for your individual needs and desires.

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